Tips for architects to work from home during Covid-19

COVID-19 epidemic has left an estimated 900 million people around the world remaining at home. Architects and designers are among those who have been asked to work remotely to prevent the virus from spreading across the workplace. That is undoubtedly a new territory for many architects. We can assure you that it is not only possible to work from home but also to use this time as an architect to greatly improve your skills, knowledge and growth.

We have had a front-row seat in recent years, as architects, manufacturers, innovators, and educators have developed new ways to digitally exchange architectural designs, ideas, and experiences. Now architects are settling into their new remote working environment, where digital technology will be essential for continued collaboration between peers and customers. In response, we’ve created a comprehensive list of tips and resources that can help you find your feet, restore confidence and activate your imagination.

If not for the coronavirus, remote work would not be a priority. But aside from being a measure of health, remote work also has several benefits. Because there is no inspection, on-site visits may be reduced in costs. It can also be an enormous time saver, as travel will not be necessary. At the same time, this leads to fewer carbon emissions. While remote work has been imposed on us, we should appreciate its benefits as well.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of sorrow, confusion and destruction, we would like to remind you that although we have no influence over this situation, we are all in full control of our response and our time. We urge all architects and designers to do what we do best: face the future with hope and imagination, and adjust to the present circumstances so that when the coronavirus pandemic goes through which it should, we should emerge ready to build a better future.

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