How artificial intelligence can influence architecture

Architecture appears to be looking for something like artificial intelligence to encourage their long-term abilities. A book called “The Architecture Machine” written in 1969 by the name of an architect Nicholas Negroponte, discussing the possibility of a machine to help architects in their work. Negroponte wanted an architectural machine to help prototype the architectural tasks or design them. He realized three unique ways or possibilities that how a machine can assist us.

Here are Negroponte’s ideas:

  • To automate existing processes to accelerate and reduce the cost of current practices.
  • Alternating current approaches to generate compatible system solutions.
  • Provide the machine with a design, process that leads to machine and human development and training.

The first two ideas already seem to be achieved. The third concept, on the other hand, is a continuous and progressive work.

How artificial intelligence can influence architecture

If such a program could be established, what Negroponte proposed and implied is a relationship between humans and machines that was not master and slave, but a two-way partnership for continuous self-improvement. This is such a revolutionary concept in a free flow of ideas between humans and machines. The theories of Negroponte are about machine learning. What has occurred in the developments of today’s technologies means that Negroponte’s visions may not be too far from being completely realized.

The objective is to collect and store information that is relevant to the architecture and structure. This lets architects concentrate on knowledge and use it through artificial intelligence in the practice of architecture. The field of architecture is now benefiting from research and case studies currently available via Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK). Nevertheless, sharing the data remains a problem. With the use of automation, this can help to improve practice and design on a larger scale. With the advent of cloud technology, networking is much easier.

Data can be shared externally as well as internally. Sharing can take place between a multitude of people working on exactly the same project, or even with other businesses. The result is improved project design and execution. Architects strive to safeguard intellectual property. It discourages businesses from exchanging ideas and information for their business. Sharing data, however, could help the market as a whole. We hope the A.I. will be very common and assist human being in the near future, as a result the architecture firm Malaysia can really develop in all full cylinders.